Citizen Engagement Laboratory

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About Us

CEL is a home for people and projects working to shift culture and transform society. We support, start, and connect individuals and organizations that use technology-fueled approaches to close the gap between the world we live in and the more just and equitable world most of us want.

Our work supports leaders who have the passion for making change, the knack for bringing people together in action, and the capacity for building effective organizations. Using a combination of coaching and direct services in the areas of finance, development, human resources, and technology, we help them achieve near-term impact and build longstanding power. 

We are bringing innovation into the way we do business internally as well. CEL's core team is transitioning into self-management. This means that leadership and decision-making power is distributed across the organization; individuals have greater autonomy around how they do their work; and we use Holacracy to govern and manage our organization.