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About Us

Bonnie CLAC's mission is to make new cars more available and affordable to all people, regardless of income. Our organization’s employees and directors have over 80 years of combined automobile industry experience; our proven understanding of the industry, when combined with our innovative car ownership program, ensures that we help make long-term transportation solutions a reality for all of our clients. Bonnie CLAC’s program teaches financial management skills and provides frank car-buying advice to ensure that all of our clients get the absolute most for their money. We have pre-negotiated deals with both car dealerships and lending institutions, which allows our clients to (1) purchase cars and extended warranties at close-to-invoice costs and (2) finance these cars at wholesale interest rates. Furthermore, we guarantee loans to ensure that all of our clients receive the lowest possible interest rate. When the process (which includes budget counseling, credit counseling, vehicle needs analysis, and financial education) is complete our clients are able to finance a brand-new, reliable, fuel-efficient car for a low monthly payment.