Traveling Jewish Theatre of San Francisco

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3130 20th St Suite 308
San Francisco
United States

About Us

Traveling Jewish Theatre's mission is to create and perform original works of theatre, as an ensemble and in collaboration with theatre artists from a variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds that contribute to a generous vision of the human condition. TJT looks for connections where others see separation. This unique artist-led ensemble has, over the past twenty-five years, created a body of work that defies categorization. In the polyglot tradition of Jewish culture, TJT speaks many different languages. It speaks poetry and it speaks story. It speaks secular Yiddish humanism and ecstatic mysticism. It speaks world history and women's wisdon. It speaks jazz and sacred chant. It speaks Jewish and it speaks American. The company's longevity (now celebrating its 25th anniversary) confirms the vitality of itw work. That vitality comes, in no small measure, from TJT's willingness to take risks in both the form and content of theatre it creates.