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About Us

The rays of good hope Volunteers is an international grass roots, non-profit, charitable organization with no political affiliations based in Uganda. Our main focus is sustainable development through education, entrepreneurship and a volunteer program that helps empower women and children of East Africa.


Our mission is to improve the living standards of orphans, destitute, affected and infected with HIV and AIDS, empowering the illiterate women with micro entrepreneurship skills and quality of life of young people in the street who don't have any hope for the future and those of their families and relatives. We also promotes the culture of tolerance and respect among diverse members of our organization and our partners with civic activities focused on serving others and building social ties that strengthens communities through our programs.

Our Vision is to contribute to a better world that is more sensitive to people with needy cases, those orphaned and vulnerable children, and to enable them to live a dignified and fulfilling life, further participating in development of their respective countries. Our Motto is "To leave this World a better place than we found it" .....Lord Baden Powell

The Rays of Good hope Volunteers receives women, youth, the elderly and the disabled. Most of these people have been abandoned by the parents or husbands. They cannot support their families financially due to lack of sustainable income. As a result, they cannot afford proper accommodation, healthcare, education among others.

The Rays of Good hope Volunteers provides the following services:

  • Counseling and guidance.
  • Imparting knowledge and skills about income generating activities
  • Providing adult education to those who did not get a chance to go to school. Providing knowledge about child and maternal healthcare.
  • Fundraising and seeking donations to assist women to start income generating activities
  • Seeking educational scholarships and sponsorship for orphans and vulnerable children.

Our objectives are to promote and empower women and children of Uganda and other countries in the region; as well as seeking international volunteers to help in the civic contribution of improving the living standard of women and youths through creation, Participation and support of income generation activities or projects.

  • Provide shelter, education, and clothing to the elderly and food to the rescued children from forced early marriages, street children, and orphans, destitute and vulnerable.
  • To reunite the street children with their parents (if alive) or relatives.
  • To champion the interests of the local community e.g. agriculture, school, health centers/ clinics etc
  • To partner and support the local organizations by fundraising, organizing volunteer project activities and empowering group members with skills that is beneficial to them etc. Support the community initiatives and assist in community development
  • To strengthen the international contacts among volunteers
  • To build tolerance and understanding in multicultural and multi-ethnic surroundings. To sensitize women about the importance of observing health guidelines and hygiene.
  • To advocate for children and women's rights.
  • To facilitate the individual growth of the volunteers through the acquisition of work, life and learning skills
  • To work for the recognition and promotion of non-formal learning

Short-term voluntary projects focusing on: working in the children homes or orphanages for those abandoned by their parents or simply orphaned due to various causes, helping the elderly in their homes in the villages, conservation work with Uganda wildlife and sanctuaries, organizing for fundraising, poultry farming , a core project of our origination; renovation of the local schools and healthcare centers, environmental protection measures, social services ,including recreation sports programs for the children and elderly and people with special needs. Pen paling and Youth exchanges activities training, organizing for teamwork and team building for the youths, seminars, conferences, contests, and info-markets.

• Global environmental actions • Cultural awareness

The rays of good hope Volunteers is an international grass roots, non-profit, charitable organization with no political affiliations based in Uganda. Our main focus is sustainable development through education, entrepreneurship and a…

Issue Areas Include

  • Children & Youth
  • Community Development
  • Education
  • Health & Medicine
  • Volunteering


  • Mutungo Biina
    Kampala, C 256

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