About Us



RESCOD-GHANA is a non -profit making, non-partisan, non-religious and above all, non-racial ethnic Development Organization. It locate its headquarters in TAMALE, in the northern regional capital of GHANA as a local NGO, acts in many ways through it developmental projects and fostering direct network between GHANA and the WORLD as a whole.

RESCOD-GHANA focuses itself in the rural or remote inhabitants where quality education is being lack. RESCOD-GHANA is a manful and sustainable human resource development and also being aware of environmental, social and economic problems is be setting development of less privileged. RESCOD-GHANA has carried out a participative assessment with our operation areas with active involvement of target root beneficiary communities to contribute in combating hunger, poor health, high illiteracy and volunteerism as well as seeking volunteers to work in diverse fields including orphanage homes, clinics, schools and donations to support the rural areas.

RESCOD-GHANA is also promoting good social life among the rural inhabitants and helping establishing dialoged within people to acquire good democratic governance and also to improve human right RESCOD-GHANA is a broad based NGO with the intention that the rural communities receive all the things that they expect to develop them from people support .Focus, as an organization we give the remote areas chance to explore different ideas and discover new things about the world and themselves, and the opportunity to realize their potentials, attain their goals and develop the skills and knowledge necessary for the new millennium .

RESCOD-GHANA does not only seek for volunteers to work in education, health, orphanage homes or social welfare but also look ahead to see volunteers serving in other NGO's and agro base industries such as she abutter extraction's etc. we also interview other organizations to ensure good maintainer's of office RESCOD-GHANA is working harder to help the rural areas to receive best needed support from Government, Agencies, individuals, families, NGO's, etc;

For RESCOD-GHANA to achieve its goals, since the communities has a vision.