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About Us

TECH CORPS TEXAS (TCTX) strives for a technologically literate society in which all students have equal access to technology programs, resources and skills that enrich their education and allow them to compete successfully in the global workforce. We are committed to serving the students of the State of Texas by helping to effectively incorporate technology into the K-12 learning experience through teacher training, web-based software delivery, and recruiting and placing professional Information Technology volunteers within schools and local districts.

An affiliate of the national TECH CORPS organization, TCTX was incorporated in June 2002, and is based in Houston. We achieve our mission of enhancing K-12 education through the innovative use of technology resources by providing quality technological resources that enrich teaching and learning. These resources include mobilizing volunteers into schools to offer technology support and teacher training that impacts teachers, students, infrastructure, and programs. TCTX services are offered completely free of charge to schools.

Additionally TCTX aims to coordinate, promote, and implement innovative initiatives that ensure that students in the state of Texas and the communities in which they live benefit from established and emerging information technologies and initiatives. This includes having proper access to technology equipment, training and services, and enhanced opportunities for educational and occupational advancement.

TCTX believes that education is a holistic endeavor comprised of multiple complementary aspects within the community development field. Schools as a result should serve as central components within community development activities, and TCTX is helping spur the creation of a broad-based initiative addressing technology education and support needs within the broader community development arena. Our efforts, once established in the Houston area, should prove duplicable state wide as our capacity increases.