Restoration Ministries

  • KY


P.O. Box 34121
United States

About Us

Restoration Ministries is a racially diverse Christian organization that currently serves the "total" man(spiritually, physically & mentally) who is in prison. We deliver the gospel of Jesus Christ in a spirit-filled environment through song, preaching, teaching and discipling of the residents. We are currently servicing the men's prison system in the state of KY. We minister at Sunday chapel services, monthly visits,revival situations & through correspondance. In the next month we will be implementing a newsletter into several prisons in the state. This newsletter will specifically target the men on death row in our state system with the saving power of Jesus Christ. We can be contacted at ; Restoration Ministries Executive Director, Larry D. Coleman P.O. Box 34121, Louisville, KY 40231 (502) 968-6729, fax (502) 968-6699 or e-mail