Prospective Learning and Charitable Institution

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P.O. Box 458
Melitano, Zanzibar
Zanzibar Town


About Us

PLCI is a grassroots idealistic "tuition school" in Zanzibar with a mission to provide free education and educational support to disabled, deprived and under-privileged youth and young adults. In Tanzania, secondary school subjects are partly taught and totally examined in English, so many of our Swahili-speaking students need extra help in English and Science and Math.

PLCI was started in 2004 by one young man with a dream, and now the organisation currently counts amongst its members 9 teachers and 66 students. Currently the institution is teaching 26 orphans, 11 children living in poverty and 1 disabled child. (current facilities does not allow to teach more than 1 disabled person at the moment).

It also runs a 'Science Club' particularly dedicated to female students. Several girls, with an interest in scientific subjects, are being offered additional tuition to enable them make it through the secondary school state examinations more easily. It strives to prepare them as well as possible to enter universities, so that these girls can realise their dreams and achieve careers within science. The institution also has as a purpose to increase general awareness of the scientific environment to its members.

To summarise the aims and objectives: The institution seeks to develop and to raise awareness through education of the most deprived of the community'. The Institution works directly in the field with these target groups under the form of an educational support centre.