United Aeronautics and Spaceflight Organization, Inc.

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About Us

UASO, Inc. is a domestic non-profit corporation incorporated in the City of Flint, Michigan that conducts research and development in the fields of aviation, aerospace, and engineering, while fulfilling the national need of no cost to low cost training and investment in the 21st century youth of tomorrow.

UASO, Inc. strives to motivate, inspirate, and educate todays youth to pursue gainful careers in fields including but not limited to math, science, aviation, aeronautics, aerospace, and engineering by providing hands-on and online training, research, and development projects that will give our participants, of all ages, real-world applicable knowledge and experience using non-traditional learning methods.

UASO, Inc. is the first of its kind and places much pride in its youth leadership of young professionals ranging in varying fields of study, experience, and expertise. Join the UASO team and be one of the first to “LEAD THE WAY!”