Brenham Heritage Museum

  • TX

About Us

The mission of the Brenham Heritage Museum is to foster the history, art, culture and humanities of the Brenham-Washington County, TX region.

The Vision is a reflection of the Mission in that belief is held…

  • that a museum is more than a specific name or facility, rather it is the ethos for inspiration, provocation and edification
  • that environments of historical, architectural and cultural significance should be preserved and utilized as “living classrooms”
  • that exposure to the arts and humanities is not limited to a select few but offered to all seekers of knowledge and lovers of culture
  • that our efforts toward stewardship greatly benefit ourselves but more importantly, future generations
  • that the vehicle for which we present our programming should be unbiased, relevant, informative, experiential and enjoyable
  • that all individuals acquire and synthesis information in a distinctly unique manner and we promise to facilitate that process as a comfortable experience
  • that scholarship is both didactic and dialogic in nature and should be expressed accordingly
  • that the community holds a special type of ownership and reverence for its cultural institutions; we pledge to honor such stakeholders