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INTRODUCTION The Centre for Development, Constitutionalism and Peace Advocacy (CD-COPA) is an independent, non-profit, non-political, non-religious and non-governmental human rights and development Organisation.

CD-COPA is dedicated to the pursuit and promotion of sustainable development, economic empowerment of women and youths, good governance, respect for human rights, access to justice, labour rights, education rights, women’s rights and peace building.

CD-COPA was established in May 2001.

OUR MISSION To pursue, promote, support and engage in activities and issues of sustainable development, good governance, women’s rights and peace building in Nigeria. We want to be positive change agents.

OUR VISION To raise popular consciousness that peace is the basis of sustainable development and the consolidation of democracy in any society or nation, including Nigeria.

OUR AIMS AND OBJECTIVES To undertake, support and pursue issues of sustainable development, especially in the rural communities.

To provide interest free micro-credits to rural women and to provide them with relevant government information on poverty alleviation programs and policies.

To provide skills and training for youths from poor homes and school dropouts and girls in the streets in order to free them from unemployment, crimes, prostitution.

To initiate and execute projects for poverty alleviation.

To purse the abolition of the disinheritance of women under the customary law.

To campaign against corruption which is the root the nation’s under-development.

To monitor, promote, support and defend democratic governance in the country.

To undertake and promote civic education and training.

To promote and defend the human rights of the citizens in general and the rights of women, children and elderly persons in particular.

To organize and/or provide free legal assistance to the poor and less privileged ones who are victims of human rights abuses and deprivations of justice, especially women, children, youths, elderly ones, disabled persons, refugees and the ethnic minorities in the country.

To purse the adoption of and the application of international legal instruments including charters, conventions, protocol agreements, etc signed or ratified by Nigeria.

To pursue proper, adequate and humane legislations, policies and programmes that cater for the concerns and interests of women, children, youths, disabled ones, elderly persons and ethnic minority groups.

To engage in judicial watch, pursuit of judicial reforms for effective and fair dispensation of justice and access to justice.

To advocate for penal and prison reforms for women, children and elderly persons.

To purse the issue of education as a legal right in order to free the citizens from superstitions, illiteracy, ignorance, poverty and diseases.

To promote, support and defend the rights of the Nigerian workers as contained in International Labour Conventions.

To advocate and work for the eradication of human trafficking in Nigeria and globally.

To take the message of HIV/AIDS to the rural areas and the urban slums, and to prevent the spread of emerging diseases through information dissemination and campaigns.

To promote peace building and the reconciliation of communities and people in conflict.

To establish a human rights school and a library.

WAYS OF ACHIEVING OUR OBJECTIVES • Organising Workshops, Seminars, Roundtables Dialogues, Focus Group Discussions, etc • Conducting Researches and Documentations • Engaging in Campaigns and Town Hall Outreaches • Offering Legal Assistance and Opinions • Instituting Public Interest Litigations • Monitoring Governance - the Executive and the Legislature and the Judiciary • Conflict Resolution and Mitigation • Providing Library Services • Providing Advisory Services/ Counseling • Providing Interest Free Micro-Credits Facility and Information on Poverty Alleviation • Conducting Trainings and Capacity Building Programs • Publishing Reports, Newsletters and Findings • Networking with International and National NGOs and Agencies • Consultancy Services.


LEADERSHIP WATCH. Under this project, the organisation monitors governance in the country and fashions out strategies of deepening and consolidating democracy in Nigeria.

WOMEN ADVANCE PROJECT (WAP). This is a periodic leadership training and capacity building project for young females aimed at equipping them now for future participation in leadership.

LAW REFORM ACTION (LRA). This project is responsible for proposals for law reform. Under it, the Organisation did a memorandum to the National Assembly on the Electoral Act stating its lack of competence to make law on the tenure of local government councils, a position the Supreme Court upheld in its judgment. It also did another memorandum to the House of Representatives Committee on Privatisation calling for an amendment of the Privatisation Act. The National Assembly is about to review the Privatisation Act.

LEGAL ASSISTANCE PROJECT (LAP). Under this project, the Organisation renders free legal services to the indigent, victims of human rights abuses and those who have been in prison or police custody for long without trial. The Centre carries on its Public Impact Litigation (PIL) programme under this project.

PEACE ADVOCACY CLUBS (PACS). This project is targeted at the young ones in secondary schools. It is an effort by the Organisation to catch them young. It is believed that if the young ones start thinking peace now, violence and crimes will reduce in the country.

WOMEN EMPOWERMENT PROJECT (WEP). Under this project, seed finance is made available to rural women and widows to help set up small businesses. It is an interest free micro-credit scheme. It coordinates the skill acquisition program.

PEACE AND DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE (PADI). This is a project on community development and peace building. It involves training and roundtable dialogue on peace and development. It is usually a brainstorming session and ideas generating. Often, specific concerns are discussed.

WAKE-UP CAMPAIGN. This project is devoted to the organisation’s campaign against HIV/AIDS and for reproductive health right. Our focus is the rural areas and the urban slums where many government officials and many groups hardly reach.

LABOUR EDUCATION TRAINING (LET). The Organisation is interested in the promotion and defence of workers rights. It therefore organises labour education training for union leaders.

LIBRARY SERVICES. The organisation provides to the civil society, students, researchers and members of the public library services. However, the library is small and is not meeting the needs of users. It is for this reason that the organisation has embarked on an appeal project for books, materials and other library needs.

TARGET BENEFICIARIES OF OUR PROJECTS In as much as the organisation intends that its projects benefit all in the country, however, it has Women, Children, Youths, Students, Prisoners, Labour Unions, Community Based Organizations, Religious Bodies, Cooperative Groups, Disabled Persons, Community Leaders and Ethnic Minorities as the target beneficiaries of its activities.


The Centre raises its funds from the following sources: • Registration fees • Dues • Levies • Contributions by members • Publications • Donations • Grants

ADMINISTRATION The Centre has a Board of Trustees and an Executive Management Committee. The Board of Trustees initiates and reviews the policy of the Organisation in order to give it direction. The daily management and administration of the Organisation and the implementation of the Board’s decisions and policies are the responsibilities of the Executive Management Committee.

ADDRESS: Centre for Development, Constitutionalism and Peace Advocacy (CD-COPA) 10, Mbonu Ojike Street, Ikenegbu Layout P. O. Box 2236 Owerri - Imo State Nigeria. Tel: 234 – (0)83 – 233101 E–Mail:

INTRODUCTION The Centre for Development, Constitutionalism and Peace Advocacy (CD-COPA) is an independent, non-profit, non-political, non-religious and non-governmental human rights and development Organisation.


Areas of Focus Include

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Economic Development
  • Human Rights & Civil Liberties
  • Women


    OWERRI 460001

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