Mental, Emotional, and Neurological Disorders Outreach of Jacksonville, Florida

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About Us

To Actively work to negate the term *Mental Illness*: Presenting the illness for what it is, a Neurobiological Disease. Formerly termed *Mental Illnesses are disease*s of the brain, as any other disease affecting the human species, physiological and organic in nature. To actively negate the misconception that neurobiological Disease*s are originated from an emotional, mental, or spiritual malady: To irradiate the stigma derived from such misinformation. With regard to Stigma: It is our goal to erase the stigmatization of the perception, diagnosis, and treatment process of persons* living with Neurobiological disorders. To assist those living with Neurobiological diseases through active outreach and assistance through: 1. Acquiring vital information and/or needed services available in Jacksonville and the surrounding communities, then assisting with connecting the individual with these resources. 2.To pair the individual with a support system, unparalleled, to ensure they are not alone in perils they may face in daily living. Peer assistance: To *partner* for needed contact with any and all individuals, businesses, resources, agencies, or any other programs. 3.Peer support counseling. To research and evaluate complaints of discrimination in local schools, businesses*, churches, corporations, or any other organization in the local area. To organize letter writing and/or email campaigns against discrimination once there is established discrimination against individuals with neurobiological diseases. To organize peaceful protest against offenders, when all other avenues have failed to produce results and/or acknowledgment with resolve to correct discrimination. The organization of economic protest through embargo against offending entities. We will work with like minded organizations to confront barriers in the arena of equal opportunity and civil rights.. It is the MEND belief that all citizens of this country have the right to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" Those who are Neurobiological disabled, whether perceived or actual,is our main focus. However, any disability, acts of sexism, all homophobia, ageism in any form, and racism of any ethnic group; will be confronted with any organizations that share similar beliefs with regard to civil rights, equal justice and fairness of all citizens in our society. Peacefully taking lawful action to protect these shared principles.