1+1 Association of Immigrant Youth

About Us

1+1 Association of Immigrant Youth was founded in 1998 by a group of young immigrants from the Former Soviet Union (FSU). As the founders experienced first hand the painful and difficult process of absorption into the Israeli society, the idea was born to form an organization which would provide for the social and cultural needs of immigrant youth and voice their dilemmas, opinions and ideas. The main goal of “1+1” today is to facilitate the process of absorption for teenagers from the FSU by means of group support, empowerment and community work, so as to eliminate among them such anti-social behaviors as school drop out, drug abuse and delinquency.

Our Mission:

•Strengthening the connection to Israel and Israeli society; •Increasing the extent of the young people’s involvement in their community and cultivating the value of social responsibility among them; •Fostering values of democracy, cultural diversity, tolerance, and cultural and religious pluralism; •Preventing at-risk teens and young adults from becoming victims of crisis and distress.