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Peace Youth Organization Palestine Introduction Under the new global circumstances such as; the beginning of the new period of time, new changes such as the political system (one power), economical system (neo liberal) cultural and social (globalization and civil society). This also according to the circumstances that we are living now. The occupation reality that some of our Arab countries are living and Arabic official systems collapse, violating the people under the coverage of protecting the democracy and the cultural globalization that are storming in our society.

It was very important and necessary that the local community could hold its responsibilities. The intellectuals and youth cadres to create their tools and system to take some responsibilities that others left or can’t take in charge anymore.

So, the establishing and organization of Peace Youth Organization Palestine came as a natural reaction to the circumstances that our Palestinian people are living, especially in Syria. This action is an attempt to answer some questions as a preoperational try to defy what will be imposed in the near future. From the experience to establish this youth organization during the last two years the objectives and aims of this organization were not to create an alternative for anything that already exists. We just want to accomplish and support other work and aims. Especially to create a secure tool for youth that are and will be exposed to many questions and problems that they will face in the near future.

Through the work of this organization there was an attempt to orientate some principals and concepts especially related to the relation with the others and how we can build a relation depending on dialogue and intercultural exchange. This will make the interest in the Palestinian issue grow within the international community.

The internal organization of the Peace Youth Organization Palestine focused on the creation of tools and structures to develop youth work and to accumulate efforts and experiences within the relation circle and enhance the relation within the local community. This organization also works to specify the basic needs, priorities and gabs of the Palestinian people which have to be covered. By concentrating on these needs we try to make some achievements how little they may be,…

Through its experience and its projects this organization has proved that nothing is impossible. As long as the will is existing in between young people nothing will be impossible to be achieved and accomplished.

Peace Youth Organization Palestine

Peace youth is a democratic cultural and social youth organization who works to fulfil the hopes and ambitions of the youth in their places. It strives to organize and develop the youth movement in order to play a part in achieving national goals such as the self-determination.

Aims of Peace Youth Organization Palestine :

1- Rising the level of cultural and social awareness amongst the youth, in order to empower them to achieve their national goals.

2- Training a youth leadership capable of confronting the imperialistic offensive which represents the current model of globalisation and of developing a counter-informational program, by adopting the principle of "quality rather than quantity".

3- Devising and implementing programs to deal with the social problems of the Palestinian refugee camps, such as underemployment or lack of cultural activities for the young.

4- Working towards preserving and promoting the Palestinian heritage and keeping alive the national consciousness of the Palestinian people.

5- Monitoring the international stance vis-à-vis the Palestinian question, particularly in Europe, and working towards influencing it with a view to advancing the Palestinian cause.

6- Establishing and developing relationships with youth centres that champion the Palestinian question, and exchanging experiences and skills with them.

7- Encouraging and supporting talented and creative young people.

Activities of the Peace Youth Organization Palestine :

at the beginning of 2010, the organization organised the following activities:


Initially, several workshops were organised to introduce the organization to its future members and define its aims. The views of the participants in these workshops were taken into account when it came to setting down peace youth norms and policies.

Other workshops have been held to discuss globalisation and its effect on the youth in developing countries, information and counter-information, strategies to confront globalisation, and European attitudes to the Palestinian question and how to influence them. Language Courses: The peace youth organization has organised several English and French language courses (mainly conversation) catering to different levels. Some of these courses were free, destined to enable volunteers to participate in joint activities with European partners. The other courses’ fees were almost symbolic, their only aim being to cover expenses. The teachers were foreign volunteers sympathetic to the goals of peace youth. Both the level of participation and the final evaluation by the participants were very positive. The English language courses are an on-going activity, and French courses are planned for the near future. Journalism Course: The peace youth is organizing a journalism courses aimed at youths interested in journalism and culture. Professional journalists and lecturers are called on to explain the theory of journalism. The course also include workshops to teach the participants how to write essays and reports and carry out interviews and research. These courses are working to create a media and cultural structure that is able to find their way in other structures. Cinema: Peace youth is organizing film shows permanently in the organization, with different topics such as Palestinian topics, artistic films, reports,…. The Monthly Journal: In November 2010 the peace youth organization will began to issue a monthly cultural paper which deals with the social and political role of the Palestinian youth. To empower the talents of young Palestinian journalists and to enhance their intellectual awareness, this newspaper found admiration and encouragement beside the critics from the Palestinian society. This initiative encouraged other organisations and centers to adopt this initiative and publish similar newspapers. This is considered as an important development for Palestinian young people to be informed and to be able to express their ideas and concerns. Computer training courses: We will not speak long about the importance of technology in these times, that is depending basically on the information and numbers system. The ones who are not using the computer in developed societies are alliterated. The information system is totally controlling this world. The ones who are not able to deal with the technology are becoming outsiders in this world system. According to the involvement of the young people of the world in this system and the involvement of youth organisations that carry an international dimension we have to deal with this system and use its powerful tools such as computer and internet. This means have enabled the young and free people of the world to spread and facilitate information and communication though out the whole world. We cannot forget the importance of the media to the international liberation movement generally and to the Palestinian case especially. Till now we are not able to create or control the media but we are always obliged to react. The peace youth organization organises computer courses to train information technology specialists able to face the challenges faced by the Palestinian people. The courses include the main computing packages, such as Word, Excel and Photoshop. Web design courses are also offered. Research: The activities of the peace youth organization on this front are of two kinds: a. Carrying out its own research on the situation of the youth in the Palestinian refugee camps (unemployment, drug abuse…). This is followed by public lectures and campaigns to raise awareness and deal with the problems identified. b. Assisting in the work carried out by foreign researches interested in the Palestinian question, by sharing its own research, accompanying them on field trips, etc. Cultural and Leisure Trips: The peace youth organization is organising several trips to different places in Syria. These trips are combined with workshops, games and cultural competitions and serve as an introduction to the Centre and its activities and goals. During these trips the young people of peace youth get to know each other better what contributes positively to the other activities. Euromed Youth program activity: Participation in international gatherings: Within the framework of the Euromed youth project, which is run and funded by the European Commission, peace youth will send delegations to several countries (Belgium, Lebanon, Jordan, Portugal, Italy, Denmark) to take part in conferences and training courses. The main subjects of these international gatherings are contact making, project management, Palestinian refugee situation, intercultural exchange, alternative medias Intercultural Exchange Camps: Peace Youth Organization Palestine is organising international summer camps. European and Arabic organisations are participating in these Intercultural Exchange camps. The main themes of these exchanges is the intercultural exchange between participants, youth situation discussions, situation of Palestinian refugees, youth and globalisation and alternative medias. We especially want to promote the discussions between young people on these subjects and to enhance the participation of young people in the social, cultural and political life. And to create tools, even simple tools, as examples on the possibility to develop alternative media such as newspaper, website, film,…

These exchanges are coming in the context of the developing the young people’s skills such as; the language, informatics, theoretical backgrounds, explaining the situation of the Palestinian refugees and the importance of the right to return, the vision on globalisation and American domination of the world and our efforts to create a European partnership to achieve our rights and dreams.

Salam alzubedi Director of youth peace organization Palestine in Syria. Journalist and Author phone number : +963999435238 website : Syria-Damascus

Peace Youth Organization Palestine Introduction Under the new global circumstances such as; the beginning of the new period of time, new changes such as the political system (one power), economical system (neo liberal) cultural and social…

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  • Community Development
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Human Rights & Civil Liberties
  • Women


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