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About Us

Systematic action to promote health & welfare around the world.

Philant is founded on social entrepreneurship, which is the method of creating working solutions to global problems and persuading entire societies to help. It combines the passion of a social mission with an image of business-like discipline, innovation, and determination commonly associated with the high-tech pioneers.

Innovative business strategies are used to lead and manage the company. All revenues generated from selling mission related products are considered “social-profit” and used only in furthering our creative developments to benefit and serve humanity.

People of all socio-economic levels deserve at least 5 basic elements to live life in dignity and self-respect while allowing them to promote human welfare for others. The 5 elements are Nutrition, Health, Education, Housing and Environment.

Philant Nutrition is dedicated to discover and scientifically validate the nutritional value of existing and novel dietary products and to develop creative products to optimize health through nutrition.

Philant Pharmaceutical will discover and develop novel medical solutions for neglected diseases of the poor; and deliver to the developing countries of the world.

Philant will focus on Nutrition and Medical Solutions for the interim in order to use its resources effectively. However, Philant will be a vehicle in collaborating with existing entities to deliver Education, Housing and Environment to ensure sustainable global solutions.