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Tamale, Yendi


About Us

VIA Ghana is volunteer organization that works with a couple nonprofits in the US to support an orphanage in Sang Village. The orphanage is run by a catholic nun Sister Stan, though VIA Ghana is not a religious organization. Volunteers of all faiths are welcome and Sister Stan is very accepting of all faiths, as are all Christians and Muslims in Ghana. The orphanage takes in disabled children that are often labeled as having evil spirits by the parents, who often try to kill them. Out of the 26 children currently staying at the orphanage 4 are special needs. The orphange is run down and crowded, and we are in the process of building a new one on some land on the outskirts of the village. VIA Ghana is looking for volunteers to come to Ghana and assist. Aside from a basic understanding of English, there are no special qualifications required. Possible volunteer jobs include teaching, helping with physical therapy for the special needs kids, nursing to kids that are admitted to the hospital, assisting with farming, helping with the building project, or any other identifiable need your abilities would most be suited. Among other volunteer organizations, we are extremely affordable. We are not running a business and are not looking to make a profit. All that is required is a 200 USD program fee which goes directly to the Orphanage. And if you require accommodations, we have extra beds at a comfortable house in Yendi for 10 USD a night. Transportation and food are relatively cheap. The half hour bus ride from Yendi to Sang is around 1.3 USD each way and you can easily get by on less than 10 USD a day for food. Lunch will be provided at the orphanage. Weekends are free for travel. Tamale, the largest city in northern Ghana is an hour away. Safaris at Ghana’s most famous national park Mole are 4 hours away. And busses and airplanes run out of Tamale to any other spot you might want to go.

If interested, please contact Charles at