Intergovernmental Renewable Energy Organization

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About Us


The Intergovernmental Renewable Energy Organization bridges the gap between governments and the private sector to bring Renewable Energy-based technologies to the world’s pre-emerging communities. IREO’s mission is to help empower local populations to use renewable energies and technologies as a base for economic and sustainable development.


IREO’s vision is to better the quality of life of people living in regions without traditional municipal infrastructure. IREO aims to educate, develop, and impact the lives of those who reside in decentralized and remote regions.  IREO’s goal is to contribute manageable solutions that make a big difference in communities that have traditionally been overlooked by formal infrastructure programs.


·         Provide sustainable energy to those without access to reliable energy source

·         Work in the world’s pre-emerging markets to support innovation, education, and research

·         Create sustainable economies where the building and growth of renewable technologies will bring education, jobs, and prosperity to the world’s most impoverished regions

·         Empower residents of the world’s developing communities to develop sustainable energy infrastructures rather than relying on greenhouse-gas emitting solutions

·         Develop programs that encourage sustainable economic development

·         Reduce the world’s dependence on carbon-based forms of energy

·         Support renewable energy awareness and its benefits for future generations