Horn Dialogue Foundation

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Copenhegan Denmark

About Us

Horn Dialogue Foundation [HDF] is a collaborative, participatory non political, impartial, non-governmental and not for profit Foundation.

our Head Office is located in Denmark with main branches in UK,Switzerland,Turkey,Qatar, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan and 5 Regional offices in Somalia.

Horn Dialogue Foundation works in collaboration with the UN Alliance of Civilizations on the Unity in Diversity project.

We support the role of Youth to promote intercultural dialogue and cultural diversity,

At the same time we do different activities aims to promote dialogue and discussion around the issues of education, Anti human Trafficking, Conflicts Grassroots, Democracy, equality, employment and social entrepreneurship opportunities.

One of the Programs that we have is

1. Youth Leadership Development & Civic Engagement

2. Horn LEAD (Leadership Excellence and Development) is a one-yearly leadership program that prepares a team of Young Women

3.Horn of Africa Anti-Human Trafficking Program

An estimated 30,000 from Africa are believed to have lost their lives in the last 20 years trying to cross the Mediterranean in dilapidated boats, most of them were young so we are trying to get solution for this Dilemma with International Organizations