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About Us

National Neighborhood Day inspires, builds and sustains the neighborhood relationships that provide the foundation for civic action and the building of stronger, more caring and effective communities.

National Neighborhood Day (NND) was established as an annual day to build, restore and celebrate the neighborhood relationships that form the fabric of our communities. Each year, on the third Sunday in September, NND encourages neighbors to come together in neighborhood gatherings – it might be a block party, a service/improvement project or a simple day of fun. As neighbors refresh existing relationships and establish new ones at these gatherings, they build connectedness that inspires and enables collaboration, cooperation and individual leadership throughout the year.

National Neighborhood Day employs an innovative, dynamic and highly leveraged model that: · Reaches out to neighbors across the country – individuals and families in the places they live – however they define neighborhood · Motivates increasing numbers of people to host neighborhood gatherings · Provides a venue for idea and product promotion · Acts as a catalyst to inspire individuals through awareness of neighborhood and community involvement activities · Serves as a platform for promoting and advancing the missions of other community building and service organizations

Through our growing national network of nonprofit collaborators, government officials and agencies, advisory board, employee volunteer networks, contests and programs, NND operates on a local level, inspiring neighbors to pursue connection and engagement from door to door and block to block.