About Us




New Industrialized Cleaning and Households Appliances (Nicha –plus Enterprises) is a community based project which is founded on development agenda and income generating activity with a view of empowering the youth, women and assisting children get education and other technical techniques with a view of reducing poverty.

The Enterprise is engaged in the production of soap from our local starch and its derivatives e.g alovera, avocado, bananas, potatoes and animal starch. Men and women are taught on how to make soap. Also liquid detergents are part of the goods / products Nicha plus Enterprises produces.


1. The enterprise is projecting at giving its members a permanent employment

2. The community to benefit by getting soap at their door steps at relatively fair prices

3. Young stars to get employment and this will mean empowering youths in the community

4. Our products to be the best in the market and to reach very many people, in and outside Bungoma

5. Production to run around the clock in three shifts thus increase in production to meet market demand

6. To purchase machineries this will make the production high to meet the future demands of our customers.

How far we have gone


1. The enterprise has managed to have a standardization mark for its products. This mark is a requirement which enables us to market and sell our produce in and outside our country

2. All the research work conducted by the officials has been successful; the materials are easily found in Nairobi.

Through these grounds, the enterprise is making this proposal with a budget as shown below in the tables.

Production of liquid Detergent is calculated in three months showing the Total Cost of Production, Total Selling and the Gross profits of the three months.

Examples of the types of soap solid are;

1. Emily’s medicated soap

2. Alis Bar soap Washing Bar

3. Mosquito Repellant Bar soap.

Other Examples liquid Detergent

4. NI-150 Multi-purpose detergent

5. Bornstain perfumed Disinfectant

6. Strong Disinfectant for High traffic areas

7. Dish washing Detergent

8. Window cleaners Detergent

9. Stain Removers

10. Shampoo.

11.Soya drink ( soya beans).

The Kenya Bureau of Standard has played a very important role in making sure that this project has the best products in terms of quality assurance and the necessary materials to enable Nicha plus work towards its achievable goal.

Nicha plus Enterprises managed to get its first permit to use standardization mark on 18/09/2008.So our products can be sold over east and central Africa. Right now we have a stand Shariffs Supermarket where our products can easily be traced and bought so it is our first home based distribution.