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Faraja Adventist Children's Center

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About Us

Brief History:

The Organization started from a vision that sprung up from the heart of a compassionate single mother – Martha Moraa after being touched by the plight of some two very young children orphaned after their parents succumbed to HIV/AIDs. Sad enough, these two children were also diagnosed to be HIV positive. She then decided to take them up and offer them a shelter in a very humble rented dwelling. After some brief time, she won the heart of another person who started offering tuition for these children, at least to enable them to acquire some basic formal education. As the tuition programme progressed, more children who were vulnerable joined Martha Moraa, thus expanding the number of affected children begging for her support. So far, there are 34 children (18 girls and 16 boys) aged between 1 and 18 years of age. Through some volunteer and extended guardians – especially single mothers, the organization embarked on selected programmes to give these children hope, as well as build their confidence to keep struggling for survival. This need thus led to the desire to form this charitable organization.

Area of Operation:

Currently, the organization has a registered office in Ngong Town. This serves as a wide catchment for the orphaned and vulnerable children (OVCs – Bondemi)


The driving vision of this Organization is “to work with all sections of the community focusing on children in distress, with the intention of bringing about transformation and uplifting the lives and spirits of the children”.


The guiding mission of the Organization is to be a catalyst for transformation in the Ngong community by encouraging the members of the community to care for the OVCs and to empower one another according to their varied gifts. This Organization is set against the background of the reality that HIV/AIDs is affecting the community in a more evident way, as the number of people dying continues to increase and a startling number of children are left as orphans. It is clear that the Organization cannot work alone to stem this tide and networking and partnerships are extremely valuable.


The main goal of the organization is to significantly improve the living standard of the orphans and vulnerable children in the Ngong community. It will also act as an eye opener for the Ngong dwellers, especially the single mothers by raising awareness of the magnitude of the expanding problem of orphaned children.

Strategic Objectives:

The Organization will strive to address bias and ensure that there is equality and equity in the composition of the children as well as the members. To achieve and meet the vision, mission and goal, the following strategic objectives will be implemented:

• Provision of formal and non-formal education to the OVCs

• Implementation of feeding programmes to the affected children

• Provision of guidance and counseling as well as conducting training in life skills and hygiene

• Mobilization of resources for sustainability

• Monitoring and evaluation of activities, programmes and resources


As part of the effort towards realizing the strategic objectives, the following activities will be implemented:

• Provision of insight into plight of children within the age range of infancy to 18 and the vulnerable families through creation of awareness campaigns among the employed and unemployed persons, as well as individuals within the informal sector (e.g. jua kali, artisans, Salon operators, carpenters, vegetable sellers, mechanics etc.).

• Provision of early childhood training as well as formal and non-formal training for the OVCs in areas such as languages, life skills, numeracy, literacy as well as psychology and spiritual development.

• Mobilization of resources from the government, development agencies and non-governmental and community-based organizations

• Implementation of programmes beneficial to the target groups through the support of mobilized resources. This shall include referral to HIV-Positive children to Lea Toto center as well as to Ngong center and to Government Health center. Objectives

• To provide the basic needs to OVCs affected by HIV/AIDs

• To address fear denial and stigma associated with the HIV/AIDs pandemic and indulgence on anti-social evils

• To give to the above mentioned child a continuous opportunity in feeding, playing and socializing

• To offer the OVCs early training development in language training, character modeling and early learning activities in pre-school, primary and higher education. We also believe in catering for the psychological, emotional and spiritual needs of the child and doing so in a loving, Christian way.

• To network with other organizations for material resources and financial aid

• To accept grants and other financial assistance from government and contribution from foreign sources (complete records shall be kept by the center in accordance with prevailing rules and regulations)

• To rescue and relocate lost and found children from vulnerable families


• Accommodate and feed 35 orphans who reside in the center

• Educate the children

• Provide 35 orphans with their basic needs

• Bought incubators for income-generating activities (IGA)

• Trained staff on children’s rights

• Provide friendly environment for the children • Two trained counselors in HIV/AIDS management

• Three trained staff in community development

• Two staff completed entrepreneurship course

• Two trained staff in human psychology

• One staff trained in similarity strategy

• One staff member trained in leadership

Brief History:

The Organization started from a vision that sprung up from the heart of a compassionate single mother – Martha Moraa after being touched by the plight of some two very young children orphaned after their parents succumbed to…

Areas of Focus Include

  • Children & Youth
  • Community Development
  • Education
  • Family
  • Volunteering


  • ngong kiserian road
    ngong kiserian road
    Ngong, 700 57526-00200-Nairobi

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