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About Us

Changing conditions and circumstances in our society combined with a booming 50+ population have inspired a new vision of later life. This new vision of aging is reflected in our adult life services, differentiates the businesses we launch, and inspires our foundation to radically redefine age and aging.

We believe “Best Life” is active, lived with intention, and finds fulfillment in the face of limitation. No longer should 50+ be looked at as a time for decline, but rather a time for opportunity, growth and innovation.

What specifically constitutes Best Life for each individual is based upon his or her unique perspective and personal values. We believe, though, that there are four certain factors common to Best Life for many of us, regardless of whether we are age nine or 90.

Cantata Adult Life Services aspires to be an ever-evolving resource of interrelated, life-enhancing services designed to celebrate the promise and possibilities of life after 55. We provide an ensemble of services which help adult clients live their Best Life in the places and ways they choose, including social communities, in-home care and life improving services, fitness and wellness programs, active learning and residential living options. Cantata's staff partners with clients and their families in ways that encourage the reassurance of well-being, independence and community. These passionate, compassionate Cantata professionals, "play from the same page," to put clients center stage and empower them to live their best lives.