MIRSAD (Multi-Initiative on Rights: Search, Assist and Defend)

About Us

MIRSAD (Multi-Initiative on Rights: Search, Assist & Defend) is an independent non- governmental organization dedicated to serve the human being in Lebanon by focusing on improving the recognition of human rights, integrity, fundamental freedoms, and good governance.

The ultimate aim is to energize the individuals and qualified groups through the creation, support, and defense of an effective, democratic, secular and transparent civil society.

Objectives MIRSAD aims at: - Educating, training, and otherwise raising people's awareness about the principles of the Lebanese Constitution, - Providing the needed education and training on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Covenants, - Monitoring violations of the above mentioned rights and principles, - Researching the compatibility of the national laws, regulations and administrative decisions with the above mentioned rights, - Assisting in the defense of the foregoing rights and principles.

Methods In order to achieve their objective, MIRSAD shall: - Maintain impartiality and objectivity, - Maintain an overall balance for their activities in relation to the broadest cross- section of the Lebanese society, without discrimination, - Call for the adoption of all measures which guarantee the rights and principles mentioned in the objectives above, - Support, publicize, participate in, and cooperate with the activities of national, regional, and international organizations and agencies which work for the implementation of the above mentioned objectives, - Take all the necessary steps to foster the organization of pressure groups supportive of human rights. - Provide legal consultation, where necessary and possible, to individuals whose rights have been violated or are threatened, - Document and disseminate information on human rights violations, - Adopt other appropriate methods for securing the above mentioned objectives.

You can read about some of our initiatives at: www.rightsmedia.org www.cdrl.org www.inhad.org www.cji-lebanon.org