Housing is a Human Right

  • California


6500 Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles
United States

About Us

Housing is a Human Right is a new exciting organization that intends to push for unconventional policy, projects and campaigns that fight gentrification, improve the rights of tenants against corporate landlords, advance protections for at-risk homeowners against Wall Street, and preserve and defend the unique culture of our urban ethnic communities.

Located in a beautiful office in Los Angeles, CA we operate with a local and statewide focus, but have an international profile and as a project of a major activist nonprofit.

Team members are currently located in Los Angeles and Sacramento with the goal of expanding our presence in the Bay Area and Central Valley. We are dynamic, diverse and composed of experienced community organizers, successful policy advocates and energetic social justice warriors new to the cause.

Join us in this cause to affirm that housing is a human right. “We will not be moved!”