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956 East 55th Avenue
British Columbia
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About Us

My name is Seerit Boparai and I am part of a group of students organizing a series of TILE (Talks in Innovation, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship) in Vancouver.

TILE is the world’s largest conversation series. With over 200 locations in 40 countries, TILE’s mission is to make conversations with innovators, leaders, and entrepreneurs accessible to students of all backgrounds. This is an opportunity to hear free, live, and have conversations with renowned social justice activists, start up founders, authors and much more. This is an opportunity to hear from leaders in our community for students of all backgrounds. Often times events like these are too expensive too selective, and not targeted towards youth. We hope on changing this in the Vancouver Area. And we hope to change this.

TILE events are always free and open to the public. Speakers at TILE talks have included luminaries such as the CEO of Nike’s Jordan brand, the co-founder of SoFi, and even an Olympic Gold Medalist.

We are currently looking for people to fill positions within our core team. We are looking for individuals to fill the roles of a Content Coordinator, who would be responsible for onstage interviews with the speakers as well as a Marketing Coordinator, who would create and work on a marketing plan.