United Nations University Institute for Sustainability and Peace

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About Us

The UNU Institute for Sustainability and Peace (UNU-ISP) seeks to achieve and promote a better understanding of three of the most pressing issues on the UN agenda: global change, peace and security, and development. UNU-ISP takes an innovative approach to sustainability, bridging these cross-cutting themes through research, educational and collaborative initiatives with the aim of solving current problems and anticipating future challenges.

UNU-ISP works in collaboration with other UNU Research and Training Centres and Programmes as well as through co-operative relationships with the global academic and policy-making communities.

Within the context of sustainability and peace, UNU-ISP:

  • Conducts research; undertakes education, training and capacity development; and facilitates the dissemination of scientific knowledge and information to the United Nations and its agencies, to scholars and to the public.
  • Provides opportunities for postgraduate students and professionals to obtain a wider understanding of relevant issues.
  • Integrates the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities into a transdisciplinary approach that contributes to the development and strengthening of policy frameworks and management actions at all levels.

UNU-ISP Postgraduate Programmes

UNU-ISP offers a new postgraduate programme, the Master of Science in Sustainability, Development, and Peace. This two-year programme addresses pressing global issues of sustainability, climate change, development, peace, and human rights through an innovative interdisciplinary approach that integrates the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities. It provides students with the knowledge and skills to make important contributions towards solving global issues.

Postgraduate Programmes