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About Us

Social Change Media engages audiences as active participants in examining the images,emotions and questions that drive human experience. We cast ourselves in the traditionof Eve Ensler, Beah Richards, Patti Smith, Bob Marley, Sting, Fela Kuti, Ann Rand, Dr.Bernice Johnson Reagon, and Bono to mention just a few. These immensely talented artists consciously use their gifts to inspire others to peer fearlessly into the darkness andboldly embrace the light it conceals.

As society increases in complexity so does the role that each individuals plays in society.However, the present rate of social evolution threatens to outpace our ability to adapt,which leaves us feeling fractured and isolated More and more, the pressure mounts totake a giant leap of faith to embrace this period of unprecedented peril and opportunity Yet, most of us are paralyzed by the magnitude of the issues at hand. When we finally domove, we take tiny tentative steps that we second guess at every turn. How do weconstruct a healthy notion of ourselves when our foundational beliefs are in a severestate of flux? How do we push past simply surviving to secure a life of substance andbeauty?