Holiday Volunteers (TASAAGA)

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About Us

Holiday Volunteers is a volunteer program created for Volunteer/Internship placements in Uganda with the TASAAGA organisation. As a program we connect students, proffesionals, business people, holiday/vacation travellers, families/couples from around the world to worthwhile Humanitarian Volunteer Projects in Uganda. Our Internship and Volunteer program fees is US$150 per week which is used to meet volunteer costs. This fee covers accommodation, meals, and project assistance for sustainability.

Holiday Volunteers connect people from all cultural backgrounds to a wide range of Volunteer opportunities and Internship Jobs in Uganda. Areas of Volunteer opportunities and Internship Jobs we can connect you to include Childcare and tutoring at orphanage centres, english teaching to primary schools, healthcare, media and journalism, law, sports coaching, administration, management, computer training, street kids education and care, social and community development.

Volunteer opportunities available with Holiday Volunteers are ideal for individuals and groups of any size.They are available anytime of the individual or group's choice. However, we only have opportunities for people with ages from 18 to 80 years old. People from all races/nationality, religions and cultures can participate in Volunteer/Internship programs available with Holiday Volunteers.