Great Hope Ministries

About Us

Evengalizing, Educating abd empowering for Deliverance, Healing and renewal to the whole man.

Promoting Evangelism: GHM is committed to reaching the lost for Christ. As fishers of men, we use all methods and skills: One-on-one, House-to-house, open air crusades, schools out reaches, House Bible study classes. Planting churches is at the heart of all our members each year at least 6 churches are started.

Education GHM promotes education at all levels, academic Christian and adult literacy education. God has led us to begin schools. We have nursery primary, secondary and Bible schools, we believe God for a vocational skills training school. All our schools are aimed at leading people to Christ and growing them in the knowledge of God

Empowerment GHM promotes empowerment of the body of Christ in all aspects of life. We provide business skills training, micro-business loans, adult literacy youth empowerment. We are empowering orphans, youth, women, widows and the elderly.

Leadership development GHM aims to develop leaders who can serve in all spheres of life, Ministers, business leaders and etc. we provide leadership training through our Bible school and sponsoring students to training institutions, nationally and abroad.