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About Us

Founded in 1993, Global Service Corps (GSC) is a non-profit leader in service learning and overseas volunteer programs and international internships in Cambodia and Tanzania. GSC is built on the participation of its volunteer participants, staff, and advisors both in the developed and developing countries of the world. GSC's programs are grounded in a philosophy that the personal lives and activities of people around the world are increasingly intertwined. It is important that we understand the inter-relatedness of our actions and the effect they have on individual health, social well-being and environmental stability worldwide.

GSC offers volunteer programs for participants from developed countries to work together with citizens of developing countries on urban- and rural-based, sustainable community service projects. The volunteer programs of GSC provide a means for volunteers and in-country program staff to gain an understanding of each other's cultures while at the same time actively addressing, at a community level, some of our pressing global issues.

GSC's Programs are offered year-round and range from two weeks to six months. Enjoy a true cultural immersion by staying in a home with local families, while working hand-in-hand with local counterparts.

Personalized service-learning programs include HIV/AIDS Prevention, Sustainable Agriculture, Health care, English Instruction, Buddhist Immersion, and the Seeds of Sustenance Fellowship. Each service-learning program begins with in-depth training sessions, and provides rewarding hands-on challenges for volunteers. Internships for school credit are also available.

Our volunteers and consist of people of varying ages that come from across the globe - from America to Asia, England to Australia. We welcome anyone from these backgrounds and interests to participate in our programs. We also welcome groups and families, students, couples and seniors alike!

As an accredited NGO with a complete in-country staff, Global Service Corps has become an established part of each community it serves, and tailors its development programs to offer the most benefit to the community, while providing an unforgettable experience for its volunteers.

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