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About Us

Artnation is founded on a vision to celebrate life through art. We are a 501(c)(3) grassroots arts organization committed to creating an engaged community around art experiences.

Based in San Francisco’s Mission District, Artnation exists to provide artists with the means to create new works. As a collective of working artists, Artnation is building a community that embraces all levels and disciplines of art making. We are building a community of practice, a celebratory and communal space for the arts.

We dream of providing the surface for artists to experiment and grow their expressive abilities. We aspire to champion new modes and methods of expression. We intend to create new ways for audiences to access and interact with the arts. We stand to remove barriers for working artists and those who are passionate about arts.

We love the Mission District, this rugged neighborhood with its rich history of resistance and arts practices, that we're based in. However, we believe that it is our mission to go beyond the Mission and be expansive. We'd like to develop an international network, using our website as an exhibiting and broadcasting medium.

Artnation sees the value of the arts on the vitality of our communities. We want to make the arts truly accessible to everyone. To this end, all of our upcoming programs and workshops, including arts productions, arts webcasts, and community arts workshops, are provided on a donation basis.