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As young professionals reach a fork in their life’s road in college or at graduation, the Campus to Careers program will provide a broad array of environmental job opportunities that will set them on careers that will fulfill them and lead to a better tomorrow.

Drawing upon its 140 affiliated universities and colleges and their students, the National Council for Science and the Environment will partner with government, businesses, and environmental non-profits to recruit and place young professionals into short term jobs (generally 3 months to one year, occasionally up to two years) that will allow them to gain meaningful experience benefiting the organization they work for and finding an environmental career path right for them.

Partnering. The National Council for Science and the Environment forms partnerships with organizations like government agencies, businesses and foundations seeking to place young professionals into short term environmental jobs, internships or fellowships. The Council works with partners to define needs and methods for recruiting the most talented people for their positions.

Recruiting. The National Council for Science and the Environment advertises widely and screens applicants carefully to recruit the individuals who can succeed in for each position. With an extensive network of over 140 affiliated universities all across America, and relationships with hundreds more, the Council has an unparalleled ability to reach young professionals. This enables the Campus to Careers program to conduct a highly visible recruitment effort working through major departments and career offices at affiliated schools to reach and recruit from a diverse pool of talented people with the skills, qualifications and work ethic that will specifically match the goals of partnering organizations.

Preparing. The Council prepares each person for the sometimes challenging transition from the campus to the work place with pre-placement orientation and on-the-job support in the areas of professional conduct, workplace demeanor, communications, conflict resolution, ethics, and other aspects of successful employment. While the Campus to Career program does not provide training in technical areas of each job, which is the responsibility of the job sponsor/supervisor, the recruitment process endeavors to provide people with the greatest match of existing training and skills with each position.

Supporting. Each person becomes a short term employee for the National Council or Science and the Environment, which handles time and attendance, payroll, taxes, regulatory compliance, benefits administration, applicable travel and expense reimbursement, and a number of other employee assistance issues. The Council also provides support to the organization with which the young professionals are placed, such as conflict resolution, work place behavior, non-technical performance issues, and employee counseling if needed.

Employment Transition. At the end of each placement, the Council conducts and exit interview process with both the young professional and their job place supervisor, providing valuable feedback to both.

Staffing. The Campus to Careers program is staffed by experienced and talented professionals with deep experience in human resources and employee administration. Headed by Paul Dion, the Campus to Careers program works conscientiously with partners to ensure that all of their needs and concerns are addressed in a timely and efficient manner throughout the process.

Campus to Careers is a truly exciting opportunity to guide new talent into entry level positions of the environmental workforce for years and decades to come. The program will delight partners with the quality of the young professionals that it provides and the quality of its support to all. For the young professional the Campus to Careers program will provide a dynamic start to a lifetime of work in environmental management.