Barbi Appelquist for Senate District 26

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Los Angeles
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About Us

Barbi Appelquist is a 14-year resident of Santa Monica and West Los Angeles, a two-time cancer survivor, a wife, and a mom to a 6-year old girl. A former corporate and non-profit lawyer who is the great-granddaughter of immigrants, the granddaughter of farmers who didn’t graduate from high school, and a daughter of a career Army officer, she has the personal and professional experience to help move our district and our state forward.

Barbi is the leader we need now for the California legislature. Her experience at the School of Public Policy at Pepperdine University – many times acting as a voice for the political minority in a conservative institution — transitions well into the Senate. She will reach across the aisle to discuss issues with political adversaries while firmly maintaining her position and collaborating with likeminded team members. Currently, she serves as the President of the Women in Public Policy group at Pepperdine and was recently asked to speak at this year’s graduation ceremony.

Barbi’s Focus We live in an amazing part of California and I want to represent us in Sacramento to keep our part of West Los Angeles and the South Bay great and help make it better. In particular, there are five issues I want to focus on:

  1. To make early child education more accessible and affordable for families across our district so that children enter elementary school eager to learn.
  2. To bring jobs back to our district and back to California with a more robust film/TV tax credit program.
  3. To increase availability of employment opportunities for veterans of the Armed Services and their families, especially in light of recently announced reductions of personnel in our armed services.
  4. To improve the availability and delivery of health care by increasing support for and availability of R.N. and Licensed Nurse Practitioner nursing programs.
  5. To increase support to local law enforcement and rehabilitation/ retraining programs for the recently released prison population to provide for the safety and welfare of our communities and reduce rates of recidivism.

Run with Barbi Appelquist for Senate District 26 in 2014!