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About Us

World Education Impact is committed to improve the quality of life worldwide through the tools of education. Our approach is intended to provide education organizations with training, curriculum and best education practices to maximize the benefits of programs delivered by volunteer educators.

A grass roots 501c(3) non-profit charity, World Education Impact was founded with the philosophy that we will work with local community leadership and partner with organizations to determine and address education needs.

Our primary activity will provide regionalized curriculum to education programs worldwide. Services may include onsite assistance through curriculum development and training for educators. Additional activities include:

outreach programs for educators Internet-accessible curriculum resources available via website and Research and analysis of new and existing programs to determine program success factors and aid in development or modification of curricula. All programs and activities are sponsored by social organizations and contributing individuals. Professional educators provide help with research while education curriculum is leveraged from other non-profit organizations.

Founding management and leadership for World Education Impact is provided by veteran Microsoft program management. Our unique approach was developed to avoid duplication of effort by collaborating with existing education organizations while simultaneously reaching large numbers of students. Our strategy will maximize the benefits of programs delivered by volunteer educators.