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About Us

Mission: Dream Generation symbolizes individuals all around the world who share a common ability to dream. Unfortunately, many people are unable to see their dreams through. Yet, through building a bridge towards a better tomorrow, Dream Generation aspires to provide opportunities that will make dreams into reality. By giving disadvantaged children a chance to fulfill their dreams, whether it is through providing special rights, education, facilities, or equipment, Dream Generation works to establish an open door for children towards a successful future.

Currently, Dream Generation is beginning this "global dream" in Afghanistan and hopes to continue carrying the dream of success for children all around the world.

Our Vision:

From Victim to Victor: In Afghanistan today, the memories of war still continue to haunt children. There are nearly half a million disabled mine victim children in Afghanistan today that remain helpless and desperate for a better future.

Their dreams that once lingered in their minds, have escaped them and remained hidden. Yet Dream Generation hopes to provide a special program for children in schools where they can receive special attention in education, have an opportunity to participate in sport programs, and have equal opportunities to a full childhood.

Our Goal: Child Disability Program:

  • provide special needs of land mine victim children, such as wheel chairs
  • create a safe and comfortable school environment for children in order to facilitate learning
  • build a "mini sport facilitation/recreation center" for children to participate in sport activities with ease. For example, perhaps a basketball hoop, ping pong table, etc.

Leadership Camp

  • Bring children together at a place where they can engage in social activities
  • have youth engage in confidence building activities, learning to rely on each other and themselves
  • immerse youth in a mind set of success being their only possible outcome

Virtual Learning Program:

  • provide education for children in schools or at home through virtual learning
  • help children have access to virtual learning tools: computers, televisions, etc.
  • create special educational activities for children that will help enhance listening and writing abilities

Dream Generation is an organization for the "global citizen."

It celebrates the diversity of human beings, the richness of cultures, and most of all, the ambition to live our dreams, and our dreams live within the children of the world. Dream Generation was inspired by children around the world, heroes of our present and future, who despite hardships and devastation, continue to run the race towards success. It is now our time to not only rally their success, but join in the race, and provide hope and support all the way to the finish line.

For more Information please visit our website: www.dreamgeneration.org