The Community of Learning Women


Kufar Kara


About Us

The Community of Learning Women (CLW) is a multi-cultural feminist organization, whose mission is to trigger social and political change through the empowerment of women.

The CLW embraces a diverse group of cultural and national minority women residing in the economic and social periphery of Israel. Our target groups—Mizrahi Jewish immigrants from Arab, African, and Asian countries now residing in Ramle, Lod, and Nethanya, and Palestinian citizens of Israel from Wadi Ara in the northern triangle region—are united by the experience of gender inequality, discrimination as minorities, under-representation and exclusion from the public sphere. The core of our work is creating cadres of feminist activist women, who will take control and responsibility for their lives and communities, and become change agents in their families, villages, towns and cities. By dint of our programs, we are empowering a generation of future Palestinian and Mizrahi Jewish feminist leaders who will work towards creating a better civil society in Israel for all its residents.