Luuka Youth Development Association and Advisory Center

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About Us

Luuka Youth Development Association and Advisory Center is a non profit organization and rural based with no political affiliation which is mostly devoted to the promotion of sustainable development .

Established in collaboration with the community members and registered with the community service department of Uganda Iganga District in 2002.

Since then, LUYUDAAC has supported over 60,000 rural peasants both male and female adults ,youth inclusive in Luuka County Iganga District.
LUYUDAAC constitutes of delegates who represent the members to the general assembly ( G.A ) .

The general assembly is composed of only the community members who are residents of the area, is the supreme governing body. The board Committee , composed of 6 elected members is the policy making and governing organ of LUYUDAAC.

LUYUDAAC training programmes aim at training rural communities of Luuka in
Agricultural extension services, Child Development through Education at Benamos School of Orphans & supporting of Widows through Income generating activities 

Please follow this link: to watch the Video and as well as pictures of the Children under the /Child Development Project

If you have any question or would like to Volunteer with us in Child Development project or other programmes please write to
P.O Box 437 Jinja . Uganda
Thanks to all the Volunteers from Canada and The Netherlands.