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Human Rights Education Radio Listeners Club National Committee (HRERLIC) Neal during the year 2001-2002

First of all we are glad to introduce our youth focused human rights organization - National Committee of Human Rights Education Radio Listener Clubs'. Human rights as a subject of global discussion has now become a parameter to measure a nation, how it developed and how democratic the government of that nation are. So we people are quite happy to work on this challenging issue and to raise the voices of youths for the protection and promotion of human rights.

Mainly this organization is a group of youths, who in the beginning originated as a listener of INSEC’s Human Rights Radio Programme and also formed radio listeners clubs to raise their voices in an organized way. But now we are working as human rights activists for the protection and promotion of human rights in the grassroots.

National Committee of Human Rights Education Radio Listener Clubs' is founded in 1998 with the aim of improving the situation of socially underprivileged and oppressed people through human rights education in the grassroots. We have especially focused on youths, women and children who are considered as the prime stakeholder but living deprived of various opportunities.

Since its establishment, this organization is raising voices for human rights and social justice and focused the major activities in the grassroots. More than 5,000 youths are directly involved in the movement and nearly 500 HRE Radio Listener Clubs are formed around the country. These all groups of people who express their solidarity for the protection and promotion of human rights are under the umbrella of this organization. Basically we are working for on the mentioned issues: a. To disseminate human rights education in the grassroots. b. To prepare youth human rights activists for taking actions against human rights violation. c. To strengthen local human rights clubs through leadership, capacity-building skills. d. Documentation of grassroots human rights activists and work for their welfare

All the member clubs are launching different human rights campaigns spontaneously and it counts more than 5000 in a year. This organization is facilitating to all the activities of local clubs, supporting with materials and human rights publications on the regular basis. These publications and physical materials are provided by INSEC, a leading human rights organization in Nepal and facilitator of this organization from the very beginning.

This organization every year organizes different activities in the national level and also organizes some programme in the local and district level. All the programmes are related to the Rights Based Approach (RBA) that we apply in the every activity. We encourage direct involvement of the targeted group in every activities of our campaign. So the involvement of women, children and youths are highly encouraged and mobilized.

Finally, we would like to inform you that we youths are committed to do some works for the betterment of global community and this initiation has come out from the grassroots. We would like to extend our solidarity to you all like-minded people and wish to share our experiences. Please do inform us about your activities, events and campaigns.

We have also launched a web site, which gives detailed information of our organization and also the information about our activities. We find this a good way to join hands with the global community and communicate in a convenient way. So we request you to visit this web site ( and provide us with your invaluable comments and suggestions.

Please find below the information about our activities accomplished in the year 2001-2002 that may help you to understand our activities and our potentiality towards the movement. Highlighted activities of the national committee and its network clubs are presented here in the summary:

(a) National Level feature writing workshop for the members of National committee and HRE clubs to enhance the knowledge of creative writing and to develop the skill of journalism. Total 25 participants were involved and Mr. Vinaya Kasajoo worked as a resource person for a week-long training. The fund was supported by INSEC (September 2001).

(b) Publication of yearly magazine "listener club"- This is the third publication of National committee in Nepali version. This publication includes useful information about community radio campaign in Nepal, articles related to human rights, creative writings and yearly activities of HRE radio listener clubs. HRERLIC also prepared its profile including the detailed information of organization and activities during four years. This may be useful information to the funding agencies and like-minded organizations. (April 2002)

(c) Celebration of fifth anniversary and Listener clubs award - HRERLIC has celebrated its fifth anniversary on 12th June 2002. On the same day it also awarded the best HRE radio listener clubs showing their best performance for the protection and promotion of human rights in the grassroots. Total 17 clubs from around the country were awarded representing three from each development region. Mr. Susil Pyakurel, Honorable Member of National Human Rights Commission, Nepal awarded trophy to the club representatives and addressed as the chief guest of that programme. INSEC General Secretary Mr. Subodh Raj Pyakurel also delivered his speech encouraging the members of radio listener clubs. INSEC officials Dasharath Budhathoki, Samir Nepal Radio programme coordinator Prekshya Ojha, and anchors Prabal Sharma and Monoj Gajurel were also present. All together 50 people from different organizations, press and members of radio listener clubs participated.

(d) Fund raising campaign- This year HRERLIC initiated fund raising campaign mobilizing local resources. In the first phase it distributed T-shirts, logo and motto of the organization printed on. The T-shirts are sold to the members of local clubs and other interested. Fund has been collected through this campaign and soon HRERLIC is going to launch its own web-site to disseminate the organizational information around the world. Seed money for the printed T-shirts was provided by INSEC that is to be refunded after selling the T-shirts. National Committee members are paying Rs 500/- every year. And this organization also takes Rs100/- for affiliation fee and Rs 50/- for Identity card to support its fund. (Started from April 2002).

(e) Training- National committee also organized some local and district level training this year. Total five district level training and nearly two dozen local level training were launched on behalf of this organization. Mostly the subject matters of training were historical perspectives of human rights, child rights, women’s rights, National and international human rights instruments, role of human rights defenders, leadership and so on. National committee members work as trainers in all these activities. Nearly 2,000 people attended our awareness classes and most of the participants were youths, children and women. (within the year 2001-2002)

(f) Rural communication training- On behalf of this organization, this training was organized in Dhanusha District including the participants from five districts. Total 30 people attended this training for five days. This training developed the participants’ skills about feature writing, rules of journalism, wall magazine publication and interviewing techniques (February 2002).

(g) Wall magazine publication- various human rights education radio listener clubs are publishing wall magazine to share the local information where the printed educational materials are not easily accessible to the community people. Another advantage of this magazine is that the people can get medium to express their views and experiences against social evils and better ways for their solutions. It has been developed as a direct means of communication among the community people. Energetic youths and creative school children are involved with this campaign and in some clubs we have supported educational materials to publish it. Nearly 25 clubs are publishing such magazine regularly.

(h) Organizational Development and Manpower- This is one of the highly potential human rights organization led by youths and a large number of youths is affiliated to this movement. Recent figure shows that 485 local HRE clubs, seven district networks and nearly 5,000 volunteers are front wheels of this organization. This is a non-governmental organization legally registered 2 years ago. It has formulated its own constitution and bylaws, declared by its national convention held two years ago. All the members and activists involved in this organization are working voluntarily, utilising their spare time. All the members share their equal and active participation in the proposed activities.

Once again I am really happy to inform you about our organization and the activities that we performed in the previous years. We expect this initiation to enhance solidarity among ourselves and give impetus for the protection and promotion of all human rights for all.

We youths are in the learning process. We have to learn more and we have to gain more. So we always expect comments, suggestion and cooperation from all sectors.

Looking forward to hearing you from soon.

With best wishes and regards

For More Information and contact HRERLIC, Nepal P.O. Box- 4906, Kathmandu, Nepal Email- Web-site-

You can support from the following way. 1. Donation 2. Supporting education materials. 3. Working as a volunteer to raise funds, to develop educational materials and for international networks. For all these purposes please send us email. We further contact you all how we can go together.

Human Rights Education Radio Listeners Club National Committee (HRERLIC) Neal during the year 2001-2002

First of all we are glad to introduce our youth focused human rights organization - National Committee of Human Rights Education…

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