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About Us

We are campaigning for reknowned environmentalist and activist Colin Beavan (Green Party) to be elected to U.S. Congress in Central Brooklyn, NY (Congressional District 8: Fort Greene, Clinton Hill, Bedford Stuyvesant, East New York, Ozone Park Queens, Canarsie, Coney Island, Mill Basin and bits of Vinegar Hill, Boerum Hill and Downtown).

Here's why:

We Are in an Emergency We know that something is deeply wrong. Job loss and home foreclosures. More youth in jail than ever. Elderly people with no community support. Obese children with no healthy food and no good schools. Freak weather caused by global warming. And too many of us are anxious and depressed.

The Democrats and Republicans Can’t Solve The Problems The Democrats and Republicans talk about raising or lowering taxes, as though tax policy alone will solve our problems. It won’t. What the big parties don’t tell us is that the economic system is broken. It serves corporations, not communities. It can’t be fixed, it must be replaced.

We Can Have A Better Life We need a new system that keeps money and jobs in our communities, a system that focuses on local needs. Investment in local businesses brings local jobs. Community banks bring local investment. Local farming brings healthy food. Local energy generation will keep us out of foreign wars for oil and stop global warming. And a strong local community keeps our children and elders safe.

Colin Beavan: Serving Communities, Not Corporations As a non-profit worker and activist, Colin Beavan has been working to replace the broken, corporate system for years. While Democratic and Republican candidates can’t work for a new system because they accept millions of dollars from huge companies, Green Party candidates take no money from corporations. Colin has no commitment to corporations or party headquarters. Colin is committed to serving people.