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About Us

Mission Schools International (MSI) seeks to address the root cause of persistent poverty in Rwanda by building a network of secondary schools that combines exceptional education, basic healthcare, and proper nutrition. This offers the best long-term strategy for lifting communities from poverty and spurring economic growth. Developing a healthy and educated workforce is critical to break the cycle of poverty and bring about sustainable growth. However, there is often no access to education, or education is interrupted by preventable illness. MSI's comprehensive approach addresses these interrelated issues and creates the prerequisite conditions for communities to thrive.

MSI will build its first two boarding schools in Rwinkwavu, a village in the poorest region of Rwanda. The Rwandan government has donated 21 acres of land and MSI is developing a curriculum which will focus on science, technology, business, and entrepreneurship. All of these areas have been identified by the Rwandan government as critical for the development of their country. Students highly educated in these sectors will not only be able to obtain jobs, but more importantly, be able to create jobs and build an economy.