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Briefly, my vision is huge and the essence is to develop a sustainable fair trade, organic sheep wool bedding business in Mongolia using the abundant natural resources otherwise sold to China at rock bottom prices. It is specifically the indigenous Mongol sheep wool that is ideal for bedding which requires the technology and foreign inspiration and foreign market in order for the herdsmen to sell the wool locally rather then to China. And if the herdsman can get a fair price for their sheep wool, then they will not destroy the land by overpopulating Kashmir goats. The high demand for Kashmir in the west has contributed heavily to the expansion of the Gobi desert in Mongolia and China resulting in decreased grazing lands and increased dust storms which adversely affect the entire world.

The success of the whole vision is dependent on the success of the wool bedding business. This business will be the horse that pulls and finances the cart; all Community Resource Center projects and activities. (AsiaHope is a debt-free organization registered in Switzerland as an organization but needs to reregister as a Social Enterprise / Non Profit and / or Charity in the US, Canada or England). We are eager to partner, or join, a like minded Christian organization.

The goal is to sell the bedding on the international market to both relief organizations and retailers so that the business will become truly sustainable. The Social Enterprise will reinvest proceeds into the project to help develop Community Resource Centers in Mongolia and North Korea. My prayer is to provide 21 million cold and suffering North Korean people with 21 million Mongolian wool quilts so that they may be WARM IN WINTER!!! Thus the project was christened WARM IN WINTER. And I do believe that WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!!! J

As a geographer, I am especially interested in exploring the psychological, social and environmental costs of modernization in Mongolia. Through Christian ministry, education and examples that will be offered, the local people will become aware of the danger of globalization. WARM IN WINTER, community-supported agriculture, eco-villages, watershed & land trust and education are all Grass Roots projects included in the plans for Tunkhel.

At this time we need prayer, advisors, seed money and volunteers. As we are a Mongolian NGO but not registered as a Non Profit in the US, we can not yet apply for grants, therefore we are dependent on people, organizations and churches that have a heart for Mongolia and North Korea. The next 9 months will be especially busy as Mark Bigland-Prichard (our strawbale and renewable energy expert), my husband (an architect) and I are designing the Boarding House and Bakery AND fundraising for the build AND recruiting a work party to help us build next summer - strawbale walls and all! We are all very excited for the big move and the construction of our initial Community Resource Center building and we await many exciting miracles!!