Poly Garden, Institute for Mentally Handicapped

About Us

Polygarden is a residential rehabilitation center governed by the charitable organisation directorate of social action is at Lakkidi near Ottapalam Town in Palakkad Dt. Kerala state in South India. We have at present 80 mentally retarded persons who are adults in between age group of 16 to 50 most of them are orphans and belongs to family of below poverty line.

Poly Garden render occupation therapy such as (1) preparation of poly bags - nursery, vegetable garden and seed packets (2) Help in paddy cultivation (3) Nurturing orchard (4) Tasks in rubber plantation, one of the main programme we emphasize is rubber cultivation and allied works. Our boys can co-operate with rubber tappers and collect at present 17 barrels (each barrel contains 200 liters capacity) of rubber milk within a period of 10 days.

This latex (rubber milk) collected by mentally retarded boys are profitable and it helps the organisation to meet the partial expenses of Poly Garden the residential center.

A proposal is made to expand the rubber cultivation. Area wise at present we are having 5000 rubber trees and we have looking after prospective donors who can assist us to plant 20000 rubber plants which may need 100 acres of fresh land which is available close and near to Poly Garden , the rehabilitation center, which has to be purchased and rubber plantation work has to be done systematically. Land may cost an acre Indian Rs. 3,00,000/- (= 6300 US Dollar) and plantation for 6 years per acre Indian Rs. 3,00,000/-($6300). This will help to solve a big problem of rehabilitating almost 100 mentally abandoned persons. Experienced and technically qualified persons are available to help us.

Will you please help us to solve the burning problems of rehabilitating 100 adult mentally retarded persons in the center of Poly Garden?

In anticipation of a early and favourable response

With regards and love.

Father. Paul Puvathingal Executive Director Poly Garden Lakkidi, Kerala, India. Phone: 0091 - 492 - 730288 / 730349