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About Us

Mission: Dance Iquail Inc, founded upon the principle of expression and fraternity, is focused on energizing the passion in artists and audiences alike. We seek to remove the barriers between the arts and the sciences, present mind warping movement, and enlighten the community of the power of positive energy through constructive and meaningful bodily expression

VISION: The vision DANCE IQUAIL Inc aims to: - Raise the level of appreciation, understanding and execution of the art of dance by presenting concerts and lectures. - Enrich the lives of audiences, students, and art supporters by producing innovative and thought –provoking works by groundbreaking artists. - Empower the lives of our patrons by developing education and community outreach programs, which include but are not limited, to Master classes and workshops, Q&A Discussions, Artistic exchange programs, outdoor showcases, and the development of a summer intensive study program. - Foster the creative abilities of cutting-edge artists working in such mediums as visual arts, music, technology, lighting design and costuming, in hopes of developing effective multimedia and theatrical works