30 Days, 30 Ways

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adams morgan
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About Us


The scoop:

I’m getting sick and tired of people always saying that our generation does not care about anything but the latest gadgets and reality television. In retaliation, I seek to mobilize our generation to demonstrate just how much we care about helping others and contributing to making the world a better place. As the old cliché goes, actions speak louder than words.

As an action, I’ve decided to create this group—30 Days, 30 Ways—in the hopes that thousands of other positive actions will follow. Looking for a New Year’s Resolution that you will be motivated to keep? Want to work with others who care about helping others? Need something to do with all of that free time you spend on Facebook? Here’s your opportunity!

The rules: • Volunteer with 30 different organizations/causes between January 1, 2009 and June 30, 2009 (181 days). These experiences should take place on 30 separate days.

• These organizations/ causes do not have to be completely unique from one another. You may be especially interested in helping the homeless and choose to volunteer with 30 organizations that help the homeless.

• Take pictures and/or videos of your experiences. These will help encourage others and may also provide other group members with ideas for different places to volunteer.

• These cannot be paid volunteer positions.

• Get your friends involved! The more people who participate, the better!

• Organizations cannot be motivated or based on racism, sexism, or any other form of discrimination.

• Only legitimate organizations! (That means creating an organization/cause to help get yourself out of debt or pay for gas DOES NOT COUNT.)

Why not?