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Deliverance World Mission is an Organization in Uganda founded to preach the Gospel , Planting churches, assist the disadvantaged and to Develop the poor Communities. It was found by Pastor John Faith Mugisha in 2000. With its Head quarters in Kampala Uganda. The Aims and objectives are: To fulfill the great commission of spreading the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to all parts of the country and all parts of the world. The mission intends to accelerate the global scale Evangelism through Radios, Televisions, Literature, Mass evangelism etc.(Dan.12.4) I am confident that the great commission of our Lord Jesus can be fulfilled in this generation, if the body of Jesus will make every effort to keep the unity of the Holly spirit. Background. When i was young in the early eighties, i faced so many problems, My Father left me with my mother when i was only 10 years.I was in a poor family with mu mother. God opened the way for me and i got sponsorship from West Germany through African Evangelistic ministry .From that time i started to develop the great concern to help others and i decided to committee my self in changing our world with the word of God and find ways to assist others in their problems through jesus's name.(Mat 11.28) In Africa there are many problems ,Wars , Famine, Unemployment. Drug abuse, and many others. Therefore we are concerned to reach out to those and tell them about the good news of Jesus. People are loosing hope so it is our Duty as God's Servants to preach the gospel to such people. I is therefore for such reasons that got the courage to start the ministry and also to call upon you in order to unite with me and find ways to accomplish the mission.

I will be pleased to hear from you soon. God bless you. Rev Johnfaith Mugisha Mission Founder Uganda