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San Antonio
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About Us

Canine-Assisted Warrior TherapyTM, also referred to as Service Dog Training Canine Assisted Therapeutic Intervention, is simple; those with PTSD, TBI and/or MST help PPH trainers with service dog training. Soothing, light-hearted contact with PPH puppies and dogs, together with caring and capable trainers, eases a warrior’s symptom severity.

It helps suffering warriors learn all over again how to trust. Canine-Assisted Warrior TherapyTM gently guides warriors to learn once again how to connect with others, both dogs and humans. Over time, warriors who participate regain that sense of purpose that comes with accomplishing an important mission – training a lifelong service companion for other comrades in need. After all, the need to serve is built into a warrior, just as it a dog.

The great part about Canine-Assisted Warrior TherapyTM  is that all it requires is a place to work with and care for dogs. At Paws for Purple Hearts, we are flexible on where we conduct Canine-Assisted Warrior TherapyTM. We can do it at our facilities, at a Veterans Administration (VA) facility, a Department of Defense or related site.