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About Us

Planet Foundation was established in 1998 by young Hungarian university students in economics who felt awareness of the frightening social and environmental problems of our age. The aim of the foundation was to establish a global club of the participants of Planet Project and create strong cross-border and global relations which will ensure the long-term impact of the project. The main tool of the project is the full exchange process of AIESEC (International Association for Students in Economics and Management).

In August 1999 the mentioned club was founded with the participation of 41 countries,. Please read more about Planet Project 98 at

Since 1998 we have been working on helping hungarian youth to gain intercultural experience, build international relationships, finding study and work opportunities worldwide.

We update our new website with 50-100 international work opportunities every week. We register people from many countries to help hungarians build international relationships. Registered users can upload articles to the site, so people can share their international travel, study and work experiences online.

We organize lectures where our guests present their travel and work experiences gained in different countries, at our community meetings people with the same cultural and professional interest might meat each other, and share their experiences.

We do personal consulting to hungarians jobseekers free of charge, where we help them to find the suitable volunteering or nonprofit work-opportunity abroad, contact the organisatons, prepare cv-s, cover letters.If accepted by the organisation, job seekers might apply to us for financing their travel costs to the deastination country.

Until the end of 2003 we plan to consult 500-600 hungarians, and we would like to send at least 50 of them volunteering aborad or place them at international nonprofit organizations.