Party for Humanity, Inc.

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242 West 12 St.
New York
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About Us

Party for Humanity, Inc. aims to encourage lifelong habits of philanthropy in youth. Our goal is to establish and to maintain a website where young people can invite friends and relatives to a party, requesting that participants celebrate the occasion by “clicking-to-donate” to a charity instead of spending money on a gift.

Through the website, we hope to provide youth with the experience of philanthropy as a core value, while providing donations to groups that support social change and assist those in need, with an emphasis on local organizations that have limited on-line fundraising capacity. Students will help other students and work together in achieving the organization’s goals.

Helping our youth to grow into caring adults is a national concern. Statistics from voter polls and anecdotal evidence suggest that young people want to understand the needs of the larger community around them and that they can benefit from innovative structures that allow them to become engaged. Party for Humanity will provide the framework for a “virtual community” that youth can use as a shared space to collaborate in positive ways.