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About Us

The ConsumerFiRST Network (CFN) is an independent, not for profit making national consumers organization registered in Kenya with a mission to empower consumers through research, education and advocacy. CFN's main objective is to protect consumers' right and promote responsible consumption in Kenya. The organization operate programes on Health, Trade, Food and Public Utilities.

We focus to ensure consumers do not only access necessary goods and services but their rights, interest and welfare are respected, protected and fulfilled by all concerned.

The organization is the founder and major promoter of a community initiative on water known as water baraza process which is now being used to moblize communities to participate actively in water services in parts of Sudan and Eritrea.

At present we are running a project titled Better Trade Project seeking to improve relationship between consumers and businesses with a view to gaining control over trade on counterfeit goods in the country.

Through research, education and advocacy - we have maintained our stand and position in mainstreaming responsible consumption in the country.