Namamuka community based Organization

About Us

Welcome!! Our Vision:

Empowering Community In Education,Health,Economy & Environment.

MISSION STATEMENT: To eradicate Ignorance,Power,Skills Empowerment through Training,sensitise people in health & Environment.


Home Craft Furniture is a registered CBO that began in the year 2006 and ministers to HIV/AIDS orphans, the poor, destitute s and widows. It has come to our realisation that 700 Kenyans die every day of AIDS leaving many children without adequate care. Concerned people need to develop strategies to help many orphans living in our Nation. CHCF is one way to facilitate services to the orphans, the abandoned and the poor. In pursuit of achieving its objective, the HCF reaches out to provide such basic services such as care which includes love, acceptance and training to live in the family situation and in the community. It is our desire to minister to HIV positive children between the ages of 3 through 7 and then keep them until they are the age of 18 when they will be free to return to their extended family. These orphans are also provided with education, medical care and spiritual training. In addition to this, the institution also provides tools, equipment and training in basic skills such as Carpentry, Tailoring , Masonry and other areas of growth development so as to help them become self reliant adults. Tutors are provided for children who are having learning deficiencies. Tutors are also be provided to those children who are slow exceptional aptitudes in areas of education. It is our desire that the children to whom we have the privilege of ministering will become leaders in the future of Kenya.